Celebrating Women

I believe women were the best part of God’s creation. Think about it—He created us because something was missing, to meet Adam’s need, to be appealing and beautiful, the crowning finale of all creation.
When I say all of creation we need to take a moment to realize what that means. In Genesis 2:1-4 God says four times that he was finished with creation, not just ours but the vast array of the heavens and the earth.
When Hebrew writers wanted to emphasize a thought, they repeated it. God repeated that four times in four verses—suggesting They wanted us to understand we were the last world—the grand finale! We were special. Adam and Eve were a new order of beings who could procreate, we stirred some excitement!
According to Job 48, God says all of creation (the sons of God) rejoiced and cheered when we were created! And if women were the grand finale of the grand finale, I think God gave it everything—the final flourish, the finishing touch. I just feel that God was proud of Adam and Eve, and especially Eve! She must have been the best yet—gorgeous, gracious and grateful.
Wouldn’t we all love to have that said of us! I say that about my daughters (not often enough to them), and we are God’s daughters—and I’m sure when They look at us that is what They see! (Three of Them fill that position.)
What a great thing to be special to God! I believe we will be for eternity. I read that God plans to make us His celebrities—His ambassadors. In our Sabbath School class our “fandom” is often mentioned. The word was new to me, but not the concept. If those hundreds of billions of galaxies are inhabited and watching us, which there is a lot of Biblical evidence for, then I’m sure each of us has a following who tune in and cheer for us when we choose well, and are sad when we blow it. Think of the support that gives each of us! Besides Abba, Jesus, and Ruach, we have maybe billions of fans! All hoping we make the right choice!
And of course since we are the special object of God’s affection, we are the special object of Satan’s hatred. Some people, men especially, think that women were cursed by God. But I don’t think that is scriptural. Sin brought the curse, not God!
God described the results of Eve and Adam’s choice, the fall-out of it, and as They always do up till Jesus came, took full responsibility. But in an easy interpretation of the original language, this is what Adonai describes in Genesis 3:16 as the curse on women.
“Your greatest gift of having children will now be accompanied with pain. And your greatest desire will go to your husband and he will rule over you.”
What exactly is He saying? If we add the words that fit the emotion and context, it would sound like this, “Because you were given the best gift We have ever given anyone, bearing children, that is where the curse will rest heaviest. (That is always the case—it happened to Satan and the serpent—so he demands it for God’s closest friends when they blow it.)
Going on—God describes…”You were created so your first desire would be for Us, but now it will be for your husband, and he will rule over you because he now sees you as inferior to him, and it will be easy to blame you for everything. In brokenness one leader will be easier.”
Have any of you experienced that curse? We see in history the effects of sin on women ever since Eve’s choice. Now in our church—fighting over “Are we equal in God’s eyes?” I say, it is preposterous. God wants to take us back to respect in redemption. In Ruth Adonai became our Goel, our kinsman redeemer just as did Boaz in a beautiful love story.
God wants to take us back to the way it was in the garden before sin. Our first desire was for God, our husband came second. We were our husband’s equal.
I think part of the fall-out from sin is this idea terrifies men! And therefore it forces them to make God their first go-to—their first desire instead of women (sex) and hiding.
The path to healing for all of us is the same thing it has always been. Eve should have run from the serpent’s flattery, or at least said to the serpent, “I need to check this out with God.” (Do you see why Satan started by staging doubt against God!)
And then Adam’s first reaction should have been “We have to talk to God about this!”
The safety or the remedy hasn’t changed.
But our first thought is usually our husbands. Not our God. Maybe, just maybe, if we felt closer to God we would think of Him first, go to Him first.
And maybe if our husbands felt closer to God than anyone, they would protect us by going to God first. But I can tell you pushing them to God doesn’t work! It doesn’t work with kids or husbands.
Attraction is what God uses because it’s the only thing that works. And attraction is strongest in modeling. Attraction is what God made us good at. So let’s use it, make God our first love and be proud of our attraction to Him!


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