A New View of God


I learned that the best way to deal with anxiety is reframing it as excitement, then your mind stops looking for the threat your body is telling it about! Isn’t that great?

Who knew! Since I didn’t know it after 30 years as a family systems therapist, I thought you might not know it either. Mel Robbins, who suffered 20 years from anxiety, managed hers with meds and therapy, but when her children started having anxiety she got serious about understanding it!

Isn’t that a God story! Once God’s children became infected with the disease of sin, God came up with an antidote. But why would one of Them coming as Their human son and dying as a criminal be an antidote? How would that produce oneness again? Why didn’t they just take thousands of years like they did to win Lucifer back?

Because things had changed in God’s family. Lies about God were flying around the universe fast and furiously. Everything was confusion. Fear, that dark cloud, had entered the realm.

God has always had to protect us from Them. (I usually refer to God as Them because I write and think in terms of the Three of Them.) The problem became fear, and I think this was very real in Moses’ life. He had heard the warnings, experienced the preparation to be in God’s presence. He had seen Nadab and Abihu drop dead because they weren’t prepared. For him, the fear of the Lord wasn’t just reverence, but I don’t think he was really afraid. Moses is the one human, that got to spend 80 days in the glory of God. Jesus only got 40! Yet Moses unwittingly spread fear to me, and probably a lot of others, by what he wrote. Maybe he used fear to get these people to listen. It must have been the best way for them. But is it now?

One of my clients said to me recently, “You’ve helped me reconnect with God. I’ve always heard ‘fear God,’ and thought I don’t want that. I have too much fear as it is.” She is winning against anxiety.

In my 30’s I finally decided I had to deal with my fear of God. So my Master’s project looked at the parenting of God in each book of the Bible. That helped, and understanding God’s wrath helped in a huge way, but the only thing that has really made a difference  is knowing God intimately–getting to know Their sweet, tender  love for me personally, experientially. I prioritize time with Them every morning. I look for Their love messages every day. I crave Their intimacy.

Many of you hear intimacy and think sex, but sex is not intimacy. Intimacy is safety. Feeling completely safe with a person. Safety is the foundation of love.  Jesus on the cross showed the universe that God is safe, that God would take responsibility for creating a world where something could go wrong, and rescue us. God (all 3 of Them) in Their unselfishness would go through the unthinkable together to conquer death and evil and sin. Don’t think Abba and Ruach didn’t go through hell in Jesus’ death.

If you are a parent, you’d rather die than watch your child die! I don’t think God sent Jesus. I believe it was Jesus idea to come. I even believe Abba and Ruach had to be convinced. In my first episode of Love’s Playbook, Adonai presents the idea, describing how it would resolve Their problem, showing Them that it is the only way. But They, even seeing the wisdom of it, cannot readily agree to let Him do it. It took Them time, the idea was so awful, so risky.

But they did come around to it as the only way to restore us, bring us back into Their presence, and give us Eden back! What a God! You can see why it takes all three of Them to be One! They help each other do the hard things.

You get the story here. http://amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad                         Love’s Playbook, episode 1



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