What it’s like to be Under God’s Hand

I just wanted to share my week with you. It has been amazing! I now know what it is like to feel protected under God’s hand. I know I am, I feel it at times, but this was dramatic.

My pastor’s wife wanted to have a tea for the church ladies and asked if I would have it at my house and if I would speak for it. I love doing both, so of course I said yes. That was months ago and we have had great amounts of rain this year and the grass and flowers are beautiful!

But the reason I feel so protected and loved is this: the weather forecast for this week was horrendous for a flower garden! Our valley is normally the first to get wind and heat in our area. When I heard the forecast I gasped, and then I said “God, the dark side is trying to scare me, I’m just going to laugh at them, and trust You.” We were supposed to have hot weather on Sunday and Monday (90), and wind gusting up to 70 mph on Tuesday. Then it was supposed to cool way down and rain on Sunday (today) and only get up to 70.

My friend asked if I’d heard, and I said yes. “I know the dark side hates me, and this proves it. Every time I have an event they mess up the weather! But I’m choosing to laugh at them and trust God.”

The events turn out anyway. The first two neighborhood teas I had  on my patio were cool and cloudy. It poured rain at the end of the first one, which kind of heightened the effect actually. This third year it was planned for the lawn because the grass was green and the flowers surrounding us were beautiful. It was supposed to be 85 but only got up to 80, even then I worried that my guests were all sunburnt. But my neighbor assured me no one was burnt.

This time it was going to be 18 ladies instead of 8. And it was a production! So instead of stressing, I just told God, “I know you love me, and You can do anything if I trust You. I also know Satan has probably asked to test me again over this, so help me pass. I’m not going to get fearful or stressed. I choose not to get angry with my husband if he gets irritable. (My 40 day fast this year is to be more loving to him.) I trust we will have what You want to give us, and I know You are good.” (That is the whole focus of my Bible writing.)

So Sunday it was 85 for a short time. The flowers on the patio needed a little heat to really bloom. Monday was supposed to be 90 here but we had a big cloud during the hottest part and it only reached 85 again. I was so grateful. Tuesday there was no wind all day until I started writing in the gazebo. Then a strong breeze started. About an hour before sundown it raised a little, nothing huge, and went down again after sundown. Again I was so grateful, and thought God had just held it in check. The next day a client told me what it had been like just over the hill–20 minutes away–definitely 70 mph gusts of horrible wind–dust storms until you couldn’t even see! I was in awe and felt so loved and protected!

Wednesday I was going to take some irises to my friend with cancer. She loves them too, and had just gone through another round of chemo. Our schedules didn’t jive, so we decided on the next day. She is a 2o min. drive away, and it was a work day for me, so it was going to be a quick visit. She asked if I could bring smothered burritos (my favorite and hers too), and I couldn’t say no. I always ask what she needs or wants, and she hasn’t asked anything. And I know nothing tastes good to her now.

I was exhausted so I asked God for energy and made the sauce. Then I finished them at her house while we talked. Turned out that it was exactly what I needed at that point in a very busy week of yard work and more.  I had a very peaceful day.  I just trusted God that everything would get done, and  of course it did. Two clients canceled anyway, so I had time to write also. (I’ve managed to keep that up.)

The tea was this morning and what a beautiful day it was–sunny and 75!

The tea was unbelievable–all the attention to detail. Everything presented so beautifully and charmingly. I have never seen anything like it. (It was catered by Jamie who is starting a business doing such things. I highly recommend her.)

My talk was well-received and I wasn’t even nervous. I actually just enjoyed giving it. That is a great feeing, and a  gift.  I posted it here under Why Women are Special to God two weeks ago.

I yet again learned to trust God’s love, and just relax into it; He (They) are truly amazing! I want to live every week like this. But would I need to live under this kind of  pressure? Be stepping into this kind of action? This kind of war? Yep. But how exciting that would be! How fulfilling! How even relaxing! I even slept 7 hours last night.

I’ll share some pictures. They don’t do it justice, but you can get the idea.


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