God’s Message to Us

I finally wrote again two months ago but didn’t get it posted. It needed editing, and I never got to it! Tonight I woke up three hours after going to sleep and felt God drawing me out to come be with Them! Yes! I did have the sense that both Ruach and Jesus were here! It was so sweet! I shouldn’t say was, They still are, but now my attention is on this. After talking for almost three hours, They took me to Isaiah 58 which I had been wanting to read again, it’s one of my favorites. And I’ve been so sad that I can’t take in a homeless woman and her two children who came to our church. (My husband won’t agree, and it is his home too. And he is at risk with this virus, being 78 and diabetic.)

So I went to said chapter, and it was richer than ever! I just asked that They will gift some billionaires with desires to search out ways to give to all the people who have no income during this public shutdown that could last for months. And They asked me to share Isaiah 58 with you. (To me God is one position made of of three beings: Abba, Jesus, and Ruach (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.)

So the chapter starts out with a call to Isaiah to “lift up your voice like a trumpet and show My people” our selfishness! And say that even though we seek God daily and delight to know Their ways, as if we are a nation that cares about God’s ways and take delight in coming to Them, we are pretending. And we ask, “Why? Haven’t you noticed that we fast and pray?”

Ruach answers, “When you fast you still seek out your pleasures and demand that everything gets done. You aren’t doing it to focus on Me or spend time with Me and find out what I would like to heal in you or do through you. Your fasts are to get My attention, to force My hand to do what you want, and not the way I would do it! You shall not fast to control Me or make Me listen to you. Is this what I asked for? This isn’t the fast I want–for you to make a show of fasting, or even to focus on all your wrongs. Do you think this is acceptable to Us? No! It isn’t!

“This is the fast We choose: to free people from injustice and oppression. To help them take off their burdens of hopelessness, to break every belief in evil’s control of them, to set them free from fear and and slavery, even break slavery to addictions. This is what We want! We want you to share your food with the hungry, to bring the poor who’ve lost their houses into your homes. When you see someone who doesn’t have warm clothes that you give him some, and that you don’t hide from your people when they need you.

“If you do this, then you will be blessed. Your light, your understanding of Me, will be like the sun rising, and your health will improve quickly. Your own right-doing will guide you and the goodness of God will protect you. Then you will call on God and We will answer. Ruach will talk to you and say, ‘I am here.’

“If you take away  slavery, controlling others, accusing others, and speaking lies or making excuses; if you draw out your heart to those you can help, then your knowledge of God will rise and you will be honored, and your questions will become clear. And Ruach will guide you continually, and satisfy you in hard times, and make you healthy, and you will be like a watered garden–beautiful and productive–and your water will not fail. And your children will catch your spirit and improve on your inheritance and make the next generations healthier. And you will be called the repairer of the separation and the restorer of true life. If you stop using My day your way, stop doing what you want on My special day, and call the sabbath a delight, the gift of God honorable, and will honor Us, not doing your own thing or pleasure, but finding Our wishes, Our pleasures, THEN will you delight in your Restorer! And We will cause you to ride high, and feed you as one who prevails with God, for the mouth of The Restorer has spoken it–you can count on it.”

There you go. That is the whole chapter of Isaiah 58. Your antidote for fear. Your guide to true success.


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