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God in-a-Box, Jesus’ Perspective on God, in your Inbox

This is going to be a short one. I’m launching a new blog. This one is very different.  Each one is 150 words or less and is delivered to your email inbox  five days a week if you sign up.

At least that is how it is supposed to work. 😉

It is God in-a-box–your inbox, and I hope gets launched today. It is a two week trial–at this point–we will see if there is a response. It is designed to take you through the life of Jesus, 150 words a day, in a year.

Why Jesus? His main purpose in being born here was to show the universe who God really was.

Did you know that God had put Himself on trial? He did. Because He had an enemy that said He wasn’t fit to rule. That He exacted everything and gave nothing. It came down to who was telling the truth because God’s enemy was so good at deception, twisting things. Ever experienced that?

God wasn’t satisfied to have “My word against his–you’ll just have to trust Me.” He knew that would breed fear and distrust.

So He (They–in my mind) decided to go on trial before the whole on-looking universe, and Jesus (who was probably Adonai then) volunteered to become a man–the second Adam,  succeed where Adam had failed, and show the character of God (Love), the character of Lucifer (Satan), and the nature of sin (it destroys).

How appropriate that we are launching it on Valentines Day–hadn’t planned that! We’re just late! The link is http://howtohavearelationshipwithGod.com


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