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What is God Really Like?

I found out last week that a dream has come true, and at first I was so excited!  I learned I am speaking for the “Character of God Conference” in Southern California in October. But now I’m getting writers’ block. I almost never have writers’ block!

But I couldn’t even think of anything to write here! There is a push towards getting nervous, but I refuse, because God told me, “Just rest for a while,” when I kept asking Him what should I talk about?

The dark side is trying to get in there with all their what-if’s and fears and sneers and blanking. But I know they are liars and want to steal the joy from both the anticipation and the event. In the strength God provides, I won’t let them. I choose to be confident and hold onto the excitement. Fear isn’t going to help me choose a topic or write well anyway!

So help me by responding. What would you want to hear about if you were attending a conference on the character of God? This may be a moot point; but I haven’t heard yet that they have assigned a topic, so I’m assuming it is up to me and God. Here are things I feel qualified to talk about: 1)Luke 9:24-26–Does God want us to Give up a Self?; 2) God’s Wrath–What is it?; 3) Learning About God from Balaam–It is not a cute children’s story about a talking donkey! 4) Why does the Bible Scare and Confuse Us?

I would love to hear from you! (My husband’s vote is for Balaam.)


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