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The First Shall be Last and the Last First

I learned something in church. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” It’s in the gospel of Mark and my pastor nailed it!

Jesus was the first human to succeed living in contact with God. Eve believed Satan in the serpent and failed. Adam tried but failed when Satan tested him through losing Eve. And every human since. But God became human, our do-over, our servant, or the last; and yet he was first to succeed passing every test Satan devised by trusting and depending on God. 

He was God–first in the universe, but died as a criminal, the lowest or last. And now he has been raised to the position of first in the whole universe. “All power and authority has been given to me.” He is now first in honor and authority because he laid power down and became last.

I’ve heard it many times, said it many times, but never truly understood it, not like that.

I just always thought it related to everything here is backwards. I’ve thought that for years. It is true because we were made to run on love and we don’t now, but have you ever wondered why everything is backwards?

Kids wonder. “Why do we have to go to bed when we aren’t tired and get up when we are?” Especially teenagers want to know this one!

And even little children wonder why they have to eat green food they don’t like instead of ice cream they do like. “Why do we have to learn to like vegetables? If candy and ice cream isn’t good for us, why did God make it? And if vegetables taste bad why did He make them?”

Good questions! And many more need answers, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why do bad people make money and have everything they want?” “Why are evil adults allowed to hurt children?” Many of them never recover. Some of them act out their pain and shoot a bunch of innocent people.  Trying to make things fair?

Why does a loving God allow evil and suffering? The two don’t seem to fit together. Why don’t They destroy evil? Why didn’t they long ago? If you read the Bible you can read a long time before you come up with answers. Well not really. It’s there in the third chapter of Genesis, but it isn’t on the surface and it isn’t explained. Even when you get to the New Testament it isn’t explained. It’s being demonstrated.


God didn’t want it to be My word against his. They (three persons in one God) needed us to understand the war between good and evil that we are in the middle of. Tonight I just saw pictures from HUBBLE, our space camera, on TV. They were phenomenal. I knew it was a big place–100,000,000,000 galaxies! But seeing it is so cool! I’m pretty sure we were not the first world of beings created but the last. We were the grand finale, because we were a new order, given the gift of procreation! And yes we blew it.

We are some tiny speck of a planet in a small peripheral galaxy and yet we are the focus of interest because God came here and  became one of us! Wow! Our war story is a love story also, all the way through, and is better than any out there. You can read my version of the story in episode 1 of Love’s Playbook. But back to my question. Everything is backwards here because we don’t know how to live love. We were made to run on it, it is how we do best, but we aren’t so good at it.

I’m not talking romance, just love, the kind of perfectly balanced pure energy that gives to everything else. If we try to give to everyone it is usually from deficit called pleasing, or worse, because we don’t really understand love. And because we have dual natures.

This is probably all getting too heavy so let me just say that God is demonstrating the difference between love and evil so we can choose. In fact we must choose. God created us free to choose and that is why things don’t make sense here. That’s why evil is allowed with the suffering it brings. Because our failure requires that each individual chooses. And that is why freedom is so important. Love is only real if it is freely chosen.

Next week, I’ll share a love story that I’ve just finished writing for Love’s Playbook book 7. It is a metaphor of our story and answers the most important questions beautifully.




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Freedom from a Cosmic Perspective


Have you seen this picture of two black holes colliding? My husband thought it was creepy but I loved it, partly because I love pictures of outer space, and partly because it made me start thinking about freedom.

Black holes have mystified me. I’ve heard there is one at the center of our galaxy, and wondered how could there be something so destructive in God’s creation? (In case you don’t know what they are, they suck in everything that gets too close to them.) And then I realized, they might be just in our solar system–it’s not big to the universe, but it is to us. Whether that’s true, I don’t know, but it caused a segue to freedom. And here is what I thought: There will always be freedom. That may not seem that profound, but allow me to explain why I think it is. According to my beliefs, God has already won the war between good and evil as far as the cosmos is concerned, but it is allowed to continue here for a time…so that everyone gets to choose fairly.

Will God do away with choice and freedom after harmony has been restored ?

Why would He put up with thousands of years of a universal war to establish freedom, and then take away choice? It doesn’t make sense. Add to that God’s government of love is based on freedom. It has to be, because the highest love is a choice, so it requires beings who can choose. All God’s children–including us–have the ability to choose. Freedom is the necessary requirement for love and a government that runs on love.

So will God take away that ability once the war for freedom is over even here?

The idea is absurd. And God is NOT absurd. He loves mathematical precision and order. He has a whole wall of dials for our solar system alone that have been set at just the right distance or speed or gravitation. And if they were off by 2 degrees there would be no life on earth.

God has promised, that once every question is answered about good and evil, He will allow evil to come to its final natural end–extinction. And it will never rise again. But will the potential always be there? It will have to, if we will still have freedom. God won’t make anyone serve Him. He won’t ever take away our freedom to walk away from Him. But then He will let them walk–right into oblivion. He won’t put His kingdom through this kind of war again.

So maybe a black hole will remain out there somewhere just to insure that everyone will always have freedom to choose.

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