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Steady as a Post

I’m celebrating that Thursday I sent Love’s Playbook #6 to the publisher! It’s subtitle is Cosmic Chess and it is Exodus 24 through Deuteronomy. Usually hard stuff to read!

My plan was to publish on Friday, but the final stages have always been stressful, so I paced myself, deciding to move it up to Thursday. I was doing ok but not sleeping well, and then Wednesday night I woke up one hour after going to sleep! I went back to sleep and woke up an hour later! I couldn’t believe it! So I gave getting enough sleep to God, and lay there relaxed and breathing deeply. (That is almost as good as sleeping.)

Suddenly, I was aware that I had had all kinds of opposition for the past two weeks that I hadn’t even realized. As I lay there I counted 10 ways the dark side had tried to interfere, sidetrack, derail, discourage, cause shame, anger and irritation.

It was surprising because I hadn’t really noticed.  I mean, I had noticed, it’s hard not to notice that you may be evacuated because a fire is headed toward you! But I hadn’t really thought of the implications for my project. And it was that way with every one of the things they had set up for me. I just kept going.

I knew they hated this book, and so they should. It is all about God’s goodness, Their character–Their law. It’s been the hardest one yet! And maybe the most rewarding. I learned SO much! Perhaps that is why I didn’t really notice the dark interference. It was such demanding subject matter that I was constantly aware of God, yelling “Help! what do I do with this?” or “I don’t know how to think about this!” or “How can I make this interesting?”

Looking back at all the things that could have become drama, I was so pleased. I was reminded  of a Psalm my daughter had put on her wall.

Several  years ago, during one of her hard times, she had written scriptures that were meaningful to her and posted them around her house to encourage her. One of them caught me as humorous, “You hold me steady as a post…”

It always made me smile. and it came to me that night, “You did hold me steady as a post!” I said to God in wonder. Well, maybe not quite that steady, I did have a run-in with my husband, where I firmly held my ground in a shouting match until he laughed, and it felt so good I had to tell him. “It was like finally getting to yell at my older brother and have him admit I was right!” But even with that, it was as if I was always very aware I was on holy ground, and if felt good.

It also felt so good to look back and realize I hadn’t taken their  bait, hadn’t succumbed. I had bounced through them like a buoy on the waves. And it felt triumphant! It made me confident that I would finish on Thursday, and I did! And with the least stress ever, even though the last thing I had to do went berserk. Page numbers are usually hard, but I thought I had learned enough and had it down. They went crazy and the things that were supposed to work, didn’t. So again I turned to God and said, “Help! Bind the dark side from my technology! What do I do now?” I know it sounds crazy but it works. I learned  to do that seven years ago when I started publishing my first book about finding a true self! And with that one I wasn’t working alone!

That is the point! We never have to work on anything alone; we can always turn to God. That is what the whole Bible is about: “Let Me help!” Over and over in a thousand ways, God says, “Pick Me! Turn to Me and I will fix it.”

But all of life is coming out of codependency with Mom, Dad, friends, spouse, and learning autonomy! Yes, broken autonomy. So then it’s really about, “Who will you trust?” We can be thankful for those places that teach us, “Without Me you can’t do anything but choose. The forces against you will overwhelm you unless you find your true center–your true self in Me. We give Our life to you because you need it–to make you whole–only God can give you Their life and still keep it.”

All of life can be holy ground (or wholly grounded)–God is right there to make you whole–to hold you steady as a post.

I’ll put a link here, it should be out by Tuesday or Wednesday, but I recommend you start with the first one which is short and available now:


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Freedom from a Cosmic Perspective


Have you seen this picture of two black holes colliding? My husband thought it was creepy but I loved it, partly because I love pictures of outer space, and partly because it made me start thinking about freedom.

Black holes have mystified me. I’ve heard there is one at the center of our galaxy, and wondered how could there be something so destructive in God’s creation? (In case you don’t know what they are, they suck in everything that gets too close to them.) And then I realized, they might be just in our solar system–it’s not big to the universe, but it is to us. Whether that’s true, I don’t know, but it caused a segue to freedom. And here is what I thought: There will always be freedom. That may not seem that profound, but allow me to explain why I think it is. According to my beliefs, God has already won the war between good and evil as far as the cosmos is concerned, but it is allowed to continue here for a time…so that everyone gets to choose fairly.

Will God do away with choice and freedom after harmony has been restored ?

Why would He put up with thousands of years of a universal war to establish freedom, and then take away choice? It doesn’t make sense. Add to that God’s government of love is based on freedom. It has to be, because the highest love is a choice, so it requires beings who can choose. All God’s children–including us–have the ability to choose. Freedom is the necessary requirement for love and a government that runs on love.

So will God take away that ability once the war for freedom is over even here?

The idea is absurd. And God is NOT absurd. He loves mathematical precision and order. He has a whole wall of dials for our solar system alone that have been set at just the right distance or speed or gravitation. And if they were off by 2 degrees there would be no life on earth.

God has promised, that once every question is answered about good and evil, He will allow evil to come to its final natural end–extinction. And it will never rise again. But will the potential always be there? It will have to, if we will still have freedom. God won’t make anyone serve Him. He won’t ever take away our freedom to walk away from Him. But then He will let them walk–right into oblivion. He won’t put His kingdom through this kind of war again.

So maybe a black hole will remain out there somewhere just to insure that everyone will always have freedom to choose.

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