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“How Can I be Happy?”

“I need to find something to make me happy!” she said with such feeling that I knew she believed it.

So I responded simply, “Why?”

Her look was shocked silent, disbelief taking her words. Why would she say that? Didn’t she hear me?

So I continued, “Why not just be happy because you can?”

I knew it sounded counter intuitive. She was going through a break-up she didn’t want. But as I explained that happiness is a choice, I saw first confusion, and then light coming from her eyes.

“That is what I tell people about my job!” She exclaimed. “They have always wondered how I can like working in people’s mouths all day. And I tell them I choose to focus on all the good things about it.”

“So you have a template!” I encouraged.

“Yes!” she was getting excited, “But I never knew happiness was a choice! My choice!”

As a therapist, I hear, “How can I be happy?” or “How can I find happiness?” stated in many ways; most often it comes as a wail, “I just wanna be happy!”

But it is always about the same thing “How can I get myself loved?” They wouldn’t say that, who’s going to ask “How can I find someone who will love me unconditionally just for me?” We don’t usually say things like that.

Seriously? The fastest and easiest way to get yourself loved is God. Because it’s already happening. All you need to do is plug in. You may have heard that before, or wondered how to do it, or what He is like. You may not know He is the best place to start, insuring a healthier human relationship if you get loved first and listen…

The how to is choice again. And as to what He’s like…

He’s everything good. He’s gotten a lot of bad press because of suffering. But even though He gets blamed for suffering, He isn’t responsible for it.

That is a long discussion, one I’ve written a 300 page book on, and another 45 page one soon to be released, so here let’s cut to the question–What is God like? And How can I know Him (Her, Them)?

The video below, “You Love Me,” is my experience of knowing God. You, too, are Loved. It’s who God is. It’s what He does. He has no evil in Him.

I got into making mind movies a while back, and I made the one below for me. (I’d had a rough week.)

I decided to share it here with you because it made me feel so good. Also, I got very good feedback from a client whose week was much worse than mine.

It’s only about a minute, and you can watch it as many times as you want. In fact, you can put it on your site or your phone. If you like it–check out my blog about God at http://Godhelps.net/God-in-a-Box and find out for yourself what He’s like and how to know you are loved.

yep, I saw the mistake this morning after posting it, and after watching it for months–only God is perfect 🙂

http://Godhelps.net/God-in-a-Box for discovering how much you are loved

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God in-a-Box, Jesus’ Perspective on God, in your Inbox

This is going to be a short one. I’m launching a new blog. This one is very different.  Each one is 150 words or less and is delivered to your email inbox  five days a week if you sign up.

At least that is how it is supposed to work. 😉

It is God in-a-box–your inbox, and I hope gets launched today. It is a two week trial–at this point–we will see if there is a response. It is designed to take you through the life of Jesus, 150 words a day, in a year.

Why Jesus? His main purpose in being born here was to show the universe who God really was.

Did you know that God had put Himself on trial? He did. Because He had an enemy that said He wasn’t fit to rule. That He exacted everything and gave nothing. It came down to who was telling the truth because God’s enemy was so good at deception, twisting things. Ever experienced that?

God wasn’t satisfied to have “My word against his–you’ll just have to trust Me.” He knew that would breed fear and distrust.

So He (They–in my mind) decided to go on trial before the whole on-looking universe, and Jesus (who was probably Adonai then) volunteered to become a man–the second Adam,  succeed where Adam had failed, and show the character of God (Love), the character of Lucifer (Satan), and the nature of sin (it destroys).

How appropriate that we are launching it on Valentines Day–hadn’t planned that! We’re just late! The link is http://howtohavearelationshipwithGod.com

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