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Ten Ways to Take Care of your Brain

The fatter you get the smaller your brain gets. (Sorry. This is just a fact from my research sources.)

Drugs, alcohol, stimulants hurt the brain making holes in it.

Diabetes triples risk of Alzheimers.

High fiber, complex carbs are good for you and fight disease.

Less than 7 hrs of sleep damages your brain, but sleep meds give 50% effective sleep. Teach yourself to sleep.

Avoid anything that hurts your brain.

Exercise body and brain. Not crazy exercise–don’t need marathons. Brain needs good blood flow. Too much exercise makes you acidic.

Chronic stress kills cells. Take a hard look at what is causing your stress and what you can do about it.

Your brain uses 20% of your calories. It needs good fats (plant fats).

Even one use of marijuana lowers IQ 8 points if you are a teenager. Make sure your kids know that!

(from the research of psychiatrist Timothy Jennings)

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