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Perspective vs. Perception



Perspective speaks of your vantage point. Where are you in relationship to what you are seeing? Perception is how you understand what you see. How does your mind interpret it?

Yes, perspective does largely determine perception–the view of an ant is very different from the view of an astronaut, so are their brains. Processing is different in everyone. Programming plays a huge part in how we see. And choice has even more influence. If we go on automatic pilot, now known as mindlessness, we are victims of our past and our programming. That is why Jesus often said, “Be careful how you see.”

That caution involves: Will you input positive or negative slants? Will you see this information from a good perspective or an evil one?  Will you be overcome by an abundance of negativity residing in your brain? We all have it–some more than others, but we have been given the gift of choice. We can choose how we see–how we interpret a comment or an event. That doesn’t mean we  turn into Pollyanna, but most of us don’t struggle with being too positive.

We tend to have negative filters. And God’s view of a thing is always to see what good can come from it. He is very clear that not everything is good, and to pretend “It’s all good” is not true or helpful. But God is amazingly creative and neverPlaybook Cover Kindle RGB 03 stymied–never surprised. We would benefit from asking, “How should I look at this? How can I turn this into a positive? What do you want me to learn from this?”

I think He loves to answer these kind of questions. If you are tuned into hearing, you may hear Him in your head, or you may just begin to see it differently, or you may immediately have  different thoughts about the thing in question.

I talk a lot about false beliefs we have, because they are so influential. They are part of mindlessness, our unexplored inner terrain. We act them out. They are great determiners of our mood and quality of life. Getting free of them is part of the abundant life Jesus came to give. But if we never look at the crazy things we walk around with, never question them, or even ask God to show us what they are, we are at their mercy. That is programming.

My book on Jacob’s life (Genesis–part 2) is coming out Monday–the third Love’s Playbook. This one is The Perception of Failure. Jacob never really could get over that one big mistake, and he always felt he was paying for it. Even though God appeared to him with assurance. He was grateful, but he could never quite get his head and heart over it. And the dark side clearly took advantage of it. He had a lot of bad things happen to him! But he knew where to go for comfort, perspective, and perception. It is an inspiring story of God’s presence and faithfulness, even through pain. This link should work by Saturday night for the kindle version. http://amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad


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