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Experimental Freedom

I read the term “experimental religion” once and was intrigued. But it was years before I began to practice it. I had prioritized relationship to God–well, at least the discipline of it–a good habit, but fairly rigid. I’ve written about making God real–the practice has been interesting and rich. Recently, it’s gone to a new level.

I was challenged by Oswald Chambers idea of 1 in 60: that is, taking 60 seconds of every hour to celebrate who you are. More precisely, whose you are–God’s. It is very hard to train yourself to do that every hour, even asking for help. So I decided to use my smart phone for something smart. I set it to go off with these tinkling celestial-sounding chimes every hour to remind me.

It has been great! I love the interruption, and if I’m not in the middle of something with another person, I let it go for what seems like a whole minute while I am articulating thanks. Then I touch the screen to see if it has been a minute. All my alarms are set to go off at 59 past the hour, so it is very easy to see when the minute is up.

Even if you are talking to someone you can shoot up thanks. And even if I am on the phone, I can hear the faintest background chime and I know.

It was funny the first time it went off, I thought where is that chime coming from? My neighbor must have gotten new wind chimes. Then I discovered it was my phone’s alarm. I had already forgotten! Now it’s been a week and so far I love the interruption!

Yesterday my grandson and I were on the phone. He had just gotten his first phone for graduation to middle school and so called me. We talked 45 minutes and one thing was about his moving up to big church from kid’s class. He admitted he was kind of bored, and then said they had told him what he already knew–you need a relationship with God, but didn’t tell him how to do it.

I shared about setting my alarm and told him it’s hard for God or people to say do this or that because then it becomes the only thing, rigid, a formula, a legality.

Would we tell people how to have a relationship with a person? Some of us could use that instruction, but it isn’t the way it is. Usually, you meet someone, you are attracted to him or her, you share something in common, one of you pursues the other, you make time to be with them, and then more time to be with them with more sharing of yourself. The more fulfilling the relationship is the more time you make for the other.

So it would seem that a relationship with God would follow a similar path. He is always seeking us. Once we see Him and are attracted to His personality or character, we begin to give Him a little space in our heads-a little time. Then as we get to know Him, we are drawn to more time, and as we are fulfilled, we make more time–we may fall in love—hopefully that is where it goes. There is no one safer, or more fulfilling, or more exciting to be loved by and to love. But it does take time and effort–just as you make time for a friend.

But keep it real–make it experimental. If you don’t, and you say the same things every time you get together, its going to get boring. And seriously, that is disrespectful, at least once you know better. Give God time to be God, let Him talk and don’t monopolize the conversation! Let Him be real. Experiment.


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Two Way Relationships

Relationship requires two unless its a relationship with yourself. That’s obvious, but so often we forget it. It’s so easy, when you are the one in receiving mode, to take the other for granted. I work at staying aware and being grateful for all my husband does for me. I’ve always been independent. And when he retired and started doing more and more, I felt freed, so loved. But now I can easily expect it–a different attitude altogether!

My friend told me it changed his perspective of God to realize Psalm 23:6 was saying, “God pursues me all of my life. Almost like He’s running after me, hunting me out, trying to get my attention.” I love that. God never gives up on us!

But it is a two-way street. in Isaiah 65 this morning I read, “I called, but no one answered, I spoke but no one listened.” We could add, “I followed but no one noticed.”

This week in her mom’s blog, my daughter wrote, “Why don’t I just trust His love? In EVERYTHING. 

My toddler falls down. Hurts his knee. Is in pain. He doesn’t flail around and run in all different directions trying to make sense of what happened. Nope, he makes a straight line to his mama’s arms and crawls up for comfort.”

A great picture of our part in a relationship with God–all we have to do is run to Him, or just even glance His way. But the running to and crawling up in His lap feels so much better.

Come on, I know you long to be loved, just like I do. But it did take me years to admit it. It might take that for you too, just know He doesn’t give up. This morning He said to me, “I do come after you; I do pursue you with incredible love you can’t imagine.”

Some of you have a hard time receiving. Love wasn’t abundant or expressed in your home. Your parents were damaged; or maybe just stoic, like my grandparents. They weren’t comfortable expressing love.

You can learn. Let God love you. Just let yourself be loved. Learn to crawl up in His lap and feel loved. It’s wonderful.

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