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More Joy

Are you fasting for or from anything this 40 days for special focus on God?

I asked God what He wanted me to “fast” for this 40 days and He said to start each day with 20 minutes of praise. I loved the idea, and thought it would be easy. But not long before that our pastor had talked about the difference between thanksgiving and praise, saying thanksgiving is mostly about us–what we are grateful for, praise is about God. That made it more of a challenge.

The first week went well, but after that, it became hard. I never realized before just how much my head is all about me! I was surprised, and not a little disconcerted. Am I really that self-centered? Don’t misunderstand, a healthy self-image is a good thing. But I saw how really, we are our own reference point.

So I’d like to invite you to consider, how much do you know about God? Do you know enough to spend twenty minutes thanking Him (Them–if you see them as I do–one God in three persons, Father, Son, Spirit) for who They are? Try it.

One thing I have found, it’s hard to keep your focus there for 20 minutes–even if you believe Spirit is right there with you! Another thing I have found is that it is a great start for your day. It puts you  in such a joyful place. I so often wake up negative, so this is really important for me. And of course, meeting God in your living room (or wherever) is very special.

We don’t think much about what an awesome privilege They set up for us to have Almighty God with us constantly. To be able to make that appointment to focus time sitting in the presence of the Creator of the Universe in your own house! Isn’t that awesome!!! And percentage-wise I doubt many people take advantage of that gift.

It brings more joy. Could you use more of that? More gratitude too.




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“God isn’t like That!”

I’m sitting in my gazebo listening to trees sighing, baby birds cheeping, the warm morning sun on my back.

I’m smelling the sweetness of white Freesia, in a vase in front of me, intermittently wafted with the fragrance of Honeysuckle, overflowing the corner beside me, as I watch the Mockingbirds feed their babies. Their nest is just across from me, built inside the wrapped vines of Pink Bower Vine, six feet away.

This must be close to experiencing heaven, I think.

I watch the birds swoop in and land, deposit their treasures into squeaking little mouths, and fly away for more.

I marvel at their instincts–the care that looks like love to me–yet comes from a tiny bird brain, and I think You really can see God in nature–that’s what God is like–making tiny creatures look so loving even though it’s all just instinct–reflective of His love.

I love it that the parents aren’t afraid of me. (I’m down here every day, writing; they’ve obviously gotten used to me.) I’m reluctant to leave my idyllic retreat to go to work–hearing people’s pain. I don’t mind if I can help, and usually I can.

Maybe I am like the birds to God–feeding little squeaking minds. Even though my tiny brain can’t comprehend His love, I “get” just enough to be able to help others, and  assure them He is real and cares–the Biblical description of faith… It’s a good job.

But I hear so much of what God is not like, so much pain inflicted on people: deaths, divorces, people who can’t get past limiting beliefs given by their parents. Rejection, jealousy of siblings, pain of abuse, misinterpreting actions of preoccupied parents, all steal our joy, leaving us wondering where is God?

So much of what happens here is not reflective of God, not representative. God isn’t like that! Especially the occasional massacre of innocents that shocks and debilitates our faith. We know it isn’t God. Yet atrocities cause questions.

“Why?” we ask.

“Where is God? How can He be loving? Why doesn’t He stop it?”

There is a short answer. But most people don’t find it very helpful, love and freedom.

The long answer is in my blog, God-in-a-Box–Your Inbox, at http://Godhelps.net which will be starting again April 14. You can sign up to have it come to your inbox five days a week. It’s less than 250 words a day. In fact, you can sign up here on WordPress at http://911forsoldiers.wordpress.com and I hope you will.

There you will learn, one day at a time, for a year, the Biblically-documented story of the war we live in, and why Jesus came to our planet. It’s a great story. Perhaps the greatest. And you’ll get to see what God is really like.

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