A New Perspective on Christmas

If Christmas is not a religious holiday for you, you may have grown up thinking of it as just a nice time of showing gratitude for each other by buying gifts. Or a festive holiday to look forward to in the winter honoring St Nick, a good man who gave children gifts (aka Santa Claus). Or a way to make children behave during the rest of the year. Nearly everyone seems to adopt Christmas, after  they are here awhile. It’s a holiday of good will, and we can always use more of that.

I had a Jewish client some years ago that said this was his favorite time of year because everyone was in good moods and treated people nicer. Plus he loved the festive decorations and wishes of “Merry Christmas.” One year I sold my Rx7 (a yellow Mazda sports car) to another Jewish father buying it for his son “for Christmas.”

Some of you may feel like it has become a burden, especially if you are short on money, to have to buy presents for your children, let alone your whole family. Some are no doubt discouraged or disillusioned by the commercialism and greed that surround it.

Whatever perspective you bring to Christmas, let me share a new perspective on it.

One of the minds I admire the most for depth, perspective, and balance has remarked that even if God had become a human when the race was still perfect–fresh from the hand of God, it would have been an unbelievable act, but Jesus came here when we had become very raggedy from the separation of 4,000 years. If you aren’t familiar with the story, Jesus was born here as a human–fully God and man–but he had to live as a man. He couldn’t use any power that isn’t available to us from God. He came because the effect of separating from God had left us under the law of death without hope, and he came to give us back choice through His success.

You don’t have to choose God and life, but it is available if you want it.

The complete story, if you don’t know it, is found in detail at http://Godhelps.net/God-in-a-Box. The Box is your inbox because you can sign up and it will come to your email every week day for a year, and take you through the life of Jesus from a Cosmic perspective–all four accounts in one story running from Easter to Easter. (Right now we are beginning the last week before His death.)

In case you haven’t become aware of it, we are living in a war zone, but there is hope, the rescue has been accomplished, just not completed yet. So Merry, merry Christmas, peace and joy, (God’s will) to you and those you love.



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