Your Fandom

I know this may sound far out, but I believe all truth is God’s truth. I have suspected for many years that there was an intersection between science and religion that we knew only the tiniest bit about–that there really is no conflict if we had a larger perspective. And today I’m going to go out on that limb.

The more immersed I get in scripture, the more convinced I am that the story only makes sense if there is something much bigger going on in the universe. In 1973 my concept of the universe was stretched beyond ever going back, as Dickens would say, by learning that we live in a small insignificant galaxy which was one of 50,000,ooo others science was aware of. Since then the number has gone to 100,ooo,ooo,ooo they know of. It’s a big place. And I very much doubt we are alone. I believe Genesis 2:1-4 gives us the clue that we were the creation that came at the end of all of God’s creation–the grand finale–not the beginning. It is repeated four times in four verses.

In my first book of the Biblical series, Love’s Playbook, I tell the story of where evil came from–how it entered into a perfect vast creation. And it makes sense to me that since it happened before us, it must have tabled God’s plans to create us for a while. We were going to be a new design, a new type of creation with which God was going to share creation power. It would be so risky for us and for Them that They decided to wait until the crisis was resolved, so They did, sort of.

Finally, They decided our world would be the best demonstration of who is telling the truth: God or the new adversary, Satan. You wouldn’t expect God to say, “I’m telling the truth and that’s the end of it.” It would be just words. And that isn’t God. So we became the ideal demonstration: disadvantaged in our newness–our untried, unexperienced selves; but privileged in being given more than any world had been given before–the ability to procreate (Psalm 8:2) plus everything God could imagine to make us delighted and secure, with only one prohibition. Only one rule existed for us: Stay away from the Spot of Disadvantage–where my enemies will have access to you. If you believe their lies it will change you and kill you.

We didn’t have to fail, we had perfection plus everything we could want or need. But we did. Since then our history can be most accurately called a story of redemption, still an exact demonstration of the truth about God. (Ephesians 1:18-20; 3:8-10)

But I read something the other day that made me stop and think, again, about the hugeness of our significance (even on our speck of a planet in our tiny solar system and our insignificant peripheral galaxy). It was something like, it’s silly for us to be unbelieving when all heaven is interested in our welfare!

Think of that! All of heaven is a big place! The whole universe is watching us, cheering us on. We are their Downton Abbey, their Survivor. They tune in to see if you have grown any, have risen above your circumstances, have made any better decisions, have learned anything. They become bonded to you and you start to feel like family.

They are learning about the struggle with  internal evil vicariously through us. They haven’t experienced brokenness.

They are happy when you succeed, discouraged when you fail, disheartened when evil sets you up and you stumble, dismayed when you die. I can imagine they go ask God, “Did she/he make it?” if they aren’t sure. Maybe before that, they ask God to send you help or another angel.

They are your following, and they want you to make it. They may have watched you your whole life, and love you. And it’s not just a story. It’s true. You don’t know them, but they know you. They are your Fandom!

Do you feel the immense importance of the part you are playing? You are filling your role in the drama that is clearing God’s name before the huge watching universe.




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