Children Don’t Get This Choice

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain   

Flu season officially starts tomorrow–today is Halloween–and sugar is one of the main causes of illness. I don’t think most people know that, probably don’t want to. But there’s a reason flu season starts in November.

There is a definite correlation between diet and health. I think most of us are at least exposed to that awareness. I remember learning in college that Einstein said sugar in the brain is like sand in ball bearings!

But who knew that big pharma is estimated to make 40 billion dollars off of vaccines by 2020 according to a study done at Tufts University. Who knew they were the main push behind the vaccine craze in this country? Did you know they make huge financial gains behind it? It’s up 28 billion dollars in 14 years. Wouldn’t you like that kind of growth in your business! The following five paragraphs from NVIC may surprise you; they did me. And they are well worth the five minutes.

“It’s unclear why the Mott/GfK survey shows more people thinking that vaccines are safe, and that there should be more stringent vaccination requirements for students, and that the risks of infectious diseases such as measles and whooping cough have risen. But it’s probably safe to assume that it’s not because Americans suddenly started to seriously read up on the science.

A more likely bet is that it was fear and ignorance—the kind of fear and ignorance stirred up by an irresponsible and lazy media that fails to understand that 169 reported cases of measles from January 1 through May 18 in a country of about 320 million people does not an epidemic make. Much less the kind of national emergency Americans watching TV or surfing the Web were treated to nearly every day during the first four months of this year.

Point in fact, no one died from measles. As many as half of the 169 may have been vaccinated against measles. No one has identified the person who was the source of the outbreak, and so there’s no way of knowing whether he or she was vaccinated or not. And the outbreak was declared over on April 17.

Given the media’s behavior (… no Mr. Kluger, there was nothing “reasonably responsible” about the way news outlets reported the outbreaks), calling for, as NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher noted, “censorship of speech, for parents with unvaccinated children to be hunted down and publicly identified, sued, criminally prosecuted and imprisoned, and for doctors who criticize vaccine safety to have their medical licenses revoked,” it’s amazing that the survey didn’t show many more people being manipulated to think vaccines are safer and that the answer to our fears is having the government force parents to cede their parental rights and vaccinate their children against their will and better judgment.” NVIC

“The value of the world market for vaccines was estimated at $33.1 billion in 2014-up from $24 billion in 2009 and $5 billion in 2000. A new study conducted by Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) in Boston, MA forecasts annual sales of vaccines around the world will reach $40 billion by 2020.” NVIC



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