What is Perception?

Perception is how you see a thing. Everyone has their own take. Even memory isn’t static as we once thought. It, too, changes over time. People grow, ideas morph, that’s why blogging is interesting. We are all unique right down to our own peculiar heart-beat. And we all see things a little skewed from each other, so our thoughts, our opinions, our perceptions are important to others. We can learn from each other. We can grow.

One of my favorite perspectives is the over all, large, universal perspective. The bigger you go, the clearer things get is my opinion. And I love asking why? I can’t always come up with answers–to my own or others questions, but I love trying, imagining, brainstorming.  And sometimes I scare people. I don’t mean to, and I don’t want to, but I don’t think we can be afraid to put all kinds of data together and say, “What does it mean? What do we make of this?” It’s especially fun if you have one or two things you consider constants that all the data has to fit into like a gestalt. Yes, I’m a psychotherapist, a family systems therapist to be more specific. So I have been trained to take an over view before you zero in on the details. This has been going on for twenty years.

What are your constants? What are the one or two ideas in your head that are non-negotiable? What is your true North? Is there anything so important to you that you would stake your life on it? Or is that what you are looking for? Or maybe what you think can’t be found? What do you want it to be?


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