When is it Better to Leave the Virus?

When cleaning it up takes out your hard drive!

This blog is all about perspective, and I really do try to have a positive one, but I just got hit by a wave of anger again.

It all started when we purchased Iolo System Mechanic to clean up our computer. And of course, we had to get the Professional one! Well, it checked our system and said we had huge amounts of viruses and proceeded to “fix it”. By the time it was done our computer was gone and we lost six years of stored files. Yip, the whole thing crashed so badly there was nothing left.

I tried to be positive and grateful that my life was cleaned up! All the books I had wanted to publish were published. Pictures, I think, are on San discs.

But every week I run into yet another thing that is gone because we cleaned up our computer. And it was really working ok before that. I hadn’t run into major problems. Yes, it was slower than slow. Yes, it would do weird things, but we needed a new one anyway (which we had to buy because our cleaned up one couldn’t be restored), so we should have left it alone, because cleaning it up cost us pictures, forms, records, files… Just this morning I realized another thing I hadn’t put on my flash drive. Another thing to reinvent.

Normally, I would take this in stride, but what burns is that we bought this thing to fix problems and it made a much bigger one. Yeah, maybe it’s because we aren’t computer savvy–not techy enough. But shouldn’t there be some recourse? How can this just be ok?

Suddenly I wonder, is this need for justice common to humanity? Is this what my clients feel when someone else messed up their lives and they feel beyond hope and repair? This pales by comparison.

And now a new thought. I would say to them, God can restore, in fact, has promised to, just turn to Him and ask. Does God care about computers, and technological glitches and losses too? Will He restore those kinds of losses too, and make it better than if it hadn’t happened, as He does with life?

I’m betting yes, faith can cover even gross things like technology. (My bias, sorry.)

So thank you, Lord. Take this anger and make something good from it.

Immediately thoughts come: This loss is small, it’s not a life or a marriage, it’s not even a semester of school-work. I have a new laptop because of it, and can write in my gazebo, which I love. So now a real thank you, not just a forced, “sacrifice of praise.”

God asks for that sacrifice–that gift of praise that seems stupid because it’s opposite of how we feel–because it frees Him to work for us. It says I trust Your goodness and creative power. Try it.



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