Fulfillment–Perception of an Empty Nest


I  love dates like today’s! So I had to write something about completeness or fulfillment–that’s what 12 symbolizes to me–so here’s my perception of 12-12-12.

We love being in the empty nest stage.

We absolutely love being Grandparents. Only wish the Grandkids weren’t so far away–five of them are almost 3,000 miles! But thank God for Skype and reasonable plane fares. We’ll be there Christmas Eve, met by three very excited little boys.

We’ve found an easy gentle rhythm to our days. We love reading the Bible together in the mornings, right now we are reading the Hebrew and Greek Interlinear translation. We love staying in bed til 8:00, snuggling, reading, talking, and making love.

We love gardening in our yard together. We are both sun freaks, and love plants and being outside. When the weather is good we are outside all the time.

We love going on mission trips, although none this year. Our group went to India, and we lacked the bucks and the burning desire. But loved Portugal last year.

On the week-ends, we have friends over or go out with them. Or we might drive to Santa Barbara for breakfast. Besides that we’ll watch a movie, and we do have the same taste in movies mostly. We were taken in by Downton Abbey.

My husband is retired and I’m semi-retired. I love doing therapy several hours a week. I am especially loving my avocation–writing–and most of all my God-in-a-Box Blog. I am learning to trust God’s love in every aspect of my life–it makes it so easy. I love being loved.

So see, once you get past the loneliness in the beginning of empty nest, you find a sweet, easiness of life and a deepening of love and relationship that we’ve never had before. We love it, and feel blessed in this past thirteen years, because the first ten were very hard.


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