A Truly Amazing Tribute!

On Veteran’s Day my husband and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge. I’m not big on war movies, but I knew this one was a true story and had heard bits and pieces of it. My friend who is like a brother is one of the visionaries behind it; the one responsible for it becoming a movie. He knew the main character and finally convinced him. It took years and finally…

There is something beautiful that’s hard to put into words about Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Doss. I was shocked an actor could play it so well! For two days I kept seeing his smiling eyes! It’s a single-mindedness, a oneness that could be called pure intention–not pushy, not-I’m-better-than-you, just the freedom of conviction. In Family Systems Theory we call it differentiation–the ability of a person to be his true self regardless of pressure.

I’d heard it was powerful, and that Mel Gibson had done an amazing job with it, but I was not prepared for the power of it. It really isn’t even a war movie. Someone called it a war story to Gibson, and he said he saw it as a love story all the way through. I have to agree.

Yes, it’s gory in places, true-to-life sickening, war is, and I shut my eyes a lot; but it’s a story of solid-self and conviction, being true to yourself and trusting God with the outcome. It’s sweet, it’s funny, and it’s also an amazing story of family systems and Bowen’s theory that one committed person who differentiates and sticks to his path pulls up the whole system to a new level of functioning. Also how God honors people who make promises to Him and keep them. Powerful.

It’s a story that makes you want to be more than you are; one that makes love look good in the clash between good and evil. Thanks Fred. I’m so glad you stuck to your conviction. Your vision and God selecting the producer, the director and the actors have made an experience that’s an all-time great. I’m so excited we are going to see it again today!


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